Erro WEBDAV ao tentar migrar contas do Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 para BPOS


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Vou relatar um problema que tivemos em uma migração do Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 para serviço de Cloud Computing BPOS da Microsoft



The Migration Tools use a WebDav connection to the mailbox server to migrate the mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Microsoft Online. We used the PFDavAdmin tool to test WebDav connectivity to the mailbox server. We found that we were unable to make a connection to the mailbox server using PFDavAdmin with authentication errors.

We the then found that the Exchange Virtual Directory was missing the ISAPI Extensions, Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication role services. We installed these and rebooted each node.
We were then able to authenticate using Basic Authentication but not Windows Authentication using PFDavAdmin. After deleting and recreating the Exchange Virtual Directory, both forms of authentication worked with PFDavAdmin. We were then able to move mailboxes using both the Migration Shell and Console.


-Two issues resolved on the Mailbox server

1. Prerequisite Roles Services not installed

   – missing ISAPI Extensions, Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication

2. Recreated the Exchange Virtual Directory on the mailbox server because it wasn’t accepting “windows authenticated” connections

   – Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity “SRVLXEXCH-MBX\Exchange (Default Web Site)” | Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory

   – New-OwaVirtualDirectory -VirtualDirectoryType Mailboxes -OwaVersion Exchange2003or2000

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